Nintendo is about as family-friendly as video game companies can get. This goes double for the company's merchandise, which normally begins at t-shirts and ends with plush representations of cute little Mushroom Kingdom characters.

So it's strange to see this figure of Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS turn up, not only because it's a little bit adult (potentially NSFW image below), but for the way it's a little bit adult.

The fact it's obviously aimed primarily at the Japanese market—where NSFW figures aren't exactly rare—explains it, but still. What's interesting here isn't necessarily this statue in particular (Fire Emblem isn't out here yet, and it's way too pervy for my tastes), but the fact Nintendo is, apparently, cool with it.

What's next? Tingle in a suggestive state of undress? Actually, that'd be fantastic.

People seem captivated by the Tharja figure [Tiny Cartridge]

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