Ultima Creator Richard Garriott Just Sued A Cool $28 Million Out Of NCSoft

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Why is this man smiling? Because a Texas jury just awarded him $28 million in a suit filed against NCsoft, the publisher of his now defunct massively multiplayer online game Tabula Rasa.


Last year, Garriott and NCsoft parted ways not long after the closure of Tabula Rasa and the developer's trip to the International Space Station.


Then, in May, Garriott filed suit against his former employer for fraud, breach of contract, and negligent misrepresentation, contending that he did not voluntarily leave the company, as NCsoft claimed. That dispute over whether Garriott had left of his own accord was key to the suit, as the man behind Ultima and Tabula Rasa had stock options that were affected by the nature of his departure. (Further details of Garriott's suit against NCsoft are right here.)

According to a report today from the Austin American-Statesman, Garriott's was seeking $47 million, not the $24 million that was originally reported. The Austin, Texas jury awarded him $28 million, which pleased Garriott enough to say "I am extremely pleased with the jury's decision."

Since leaving NCsoft, Garriott has focused his attention on his automata collection, moon real estate and his new venture, Portalarium.


Going forward, we wouldn't be surprised to see Lord British blow some of those millions on more trips to space.


Garriott wins $28 million jury award in NCsoft suit [Statesman]

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I'm sorry but since Ultima VII he's been just some douche with an over-inflated ego who pisses away money in some sort of vain quest to make himself relevant again.