UK Woman Drives Over Boyfriend Twice Because He "Cheated Her at a Computer Game"

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Love hurts. Sometimes video games can hurt more. In 2009 a UK woman, Erin Slingsby, 20, had a heated argument with her boyfriend, Kane Charles, 20, over a computer game, an argument that ended in her storming out.


Charles stood in front of her car to prevent her from driving away when Slingsby mowed him down, police say. As he staggered to his feet, Slingsby spun the car around and hit him for a second time the court was told. The next thing he knew he was in a hospital. Charles now suffers from memory loss, impaired concentration, mood swings, headaches, and dizzy spells. After a year of denying involvement, Slingsby admitted to her crime and plead guilty to dangerous driving. She was sentenced to 11 months in a young offenders institution, as well as a 2 year restraining order banning her from making contact with Charles and a 3 year driving ban. We a Kotaku know games can get pretty heated, but let's keep the violence against zombies, not loved ones.

Woman mowed down boyfriend and left him with fractured skull after accusing him of cheating at a computer game[Daily News]



That's over-reacting. It's not like he dragged her on Maury and told her he was having sex with her mom. Or her dad.