UK Minister Wants Kids to Play More Games

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Who says UK lawmakers are hostile to video games? Tom Watson, the government's Cabinet Office Minister wants kids to play more. And not just edutainment or shovelware — violent ones are OK.


"Basically, I think playing games is a good thing," Watson (pictured) told the Mirror. "I'd rather my boy be playing on his Wii than passively watching telly. Most games are educational. They make you think, focus, challenge and change - 500 years ago a medium that did this would be called art."

Five centuries ago, actually, I think gamers would have been in a Spanish dungeon somewhere, but never mind. Watson says his three-year-old son learned to count on a Tele-Tubbies game, and Runequest taught another child how bronze is made.

But his games positive attitude is not on message with other government initiatives, such as one battling childhood obesity. Hey, no one's saying they're mutually exclusive (or, inclusive, I guess). Mirror, that bastion of responsible journalism, follows Mr Watson's remarks with a point-counterpoint. No one gets called an ignorant slut.

Minister Urges Children to Play More Computer Games [Mirror, thanks Dayvie]


I like how he mention that FPS are great if you want to be a good surgeon.

Not only can you blow a guys head off, you can stitch them right back up again!

(And your welcome!)