UK Mag Shuttered Due To Nintendo's Increasing Non-Hardcore Focus

Illustration for article titled UK Mag Shuttered Due To Nintendos Increasing Non-Hardcore Focus

One entity that doesn't seem too pleased with Nintendo's "blue ocean" strategy is former UK publication N•Revolution. It's closing up shop, in part because Nintendo has moved "away from the hardcore gaming community."


That's according to publisher Imagine's managing director Damian Butt. He tells MCV "The decision to suspend N•Revolution has been taken because it has become increasingly obvious that Nintendo’s strategy for Wii and DS is no longer in line with Imagine Publishing's target readership."


We know some people are taking Wii Music pretty hard, but killing off your print publication? That's sending a message.

Imagine confirms N•Revolution closure [MCV]

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Pretty sure that's not the real reason. I bet they're just not making much money anymore.

It's likely that they're just trying to save face.

Since it says "suspend"...sounds like it's temporary anyway.