Game Magazine NRevolution Is No More

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UK Nintendo magazine NRevolution has called it a day. The final issue'll be released December 11. Besides suffering from "an identity crisis" and competition, the increasing difficulties of game print contributed to its demise. NRevolution covered the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. Regardless if you think online game sites have rendered print irrelevant or not, it's shame this came right before the holidays. NRevolution goes to the big newsagents in the sky [WiiWii via VG247]


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hm,dunno how much the internet can be blamed in this case.

Sure, instant publishing on the internet hurts all mags but in case of a Nintendo focussed mag they have way more issues than that. First, you already cater to a fraction of the total gaming crowd and then also to the one where the console manufacturer has put such a heavy focus on casual people as main audience that there´s probably only a tiny fraction of type of people in that audience left who´d go out and buy a game mag.

I personally haven´t turned on my Wii in a loong time and also see few reason to do so in the next few months.

In this day and age a mag either has to be super broad and casual focussed and then report casually about everything to reach an as big audience as possible or it has to be totally hardcore focussed and then do things one can´t find on the internet (in detail focus articles, nice features and backlog stuff for example).

Anything in between those two extremes, yeah, probably won´t work out that well.