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Uh, Civilization VI Has A Battle Royale Mode Now

Illustration for article titled Uh, iCivilization VI/i Has A Battle Royale Mode Now

While this might sound like a very late April Fool’s joke, it’s not. Turn-based strategy juggernaut Civilization VI now has its very own battle royale mode, called Red Death.


Instead of just slapping some new rules into the existing game, Red Death is a custom multiplayer scenario that has new factions, characters and new-ish units. Set in the apocalypse, you’ll be playing as one of these new sides and trying to get to the last spaceship leaving Earth, all the while killing everyone around you and trying to avoid the encroaching and titular Red Death, which kills everything it touches.

I’ll try it out this week, but it looks fun! And while this trailer is awful, the factions themselves—like the “Deeply Invested Cultists” and “Very Goth Borderlords”—look pretty funny, and custom multiplayer scenarios have always been one of Civilization’s most interesting testbeds.

Red Death is part of Civilization VI’s free September 2019 update.

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs

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you know what, i said id seen it all when tetris 99 came out.

somehow this is even more wild

i cannot WAIT to try this absolute batshit nonsense