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UFC Undisputed 3's Demo Arrives on Tuesday

Illustration for article titled emUFC Undisputed 3/ems Demo Arrives on Tuesday

Pushed from a January release to Valentine's Day, the flagship MMA title UFC Undisputed 3 said today its demo will release Jan. 24 or, a week from this past Tuesday.


And that's it.

THQ provided no details as to what kind of fighters or game modes would be available in the demo, saying those and other details would be made available the day the game releases. Well awright.


Pasta Padre notes there's an online beta going live tomorrow for the game on PS3, similar to one on Xbox Live back in December. Codes for the PS3 beta probably have run out as of this reading. Still, the pre-release multiplayer tests should help THQ avoid problems with UFC that it experienced with WWE 12

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Edward Yee

Speaking of XB630 and MMA, has it that the ESPN app will broadcast a free live fight card:

"MiddleEasy has confirmed with ESPN that Jungle Fight 36 will air for free on Xbox 360 (via the ESPN app) and ESPN3 tomorrow (January 21th) at 5:30 PM EST. If you don't have an Xbox 360, visit and check if your cable company offers the service. The entire broadcast will be in Portuguese, but that shouldn't sway you from watching live Brazilian MMA from Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

It's also important to note that ESPN will gauge the audience of Jungle Fight 36 and determine whether they will broadcast anymore live MMA events in the future. In short, if you're an MMA fan — you will absolutely want to tune in to Jungle Fight 36 tomorrow at 5:30 pm EST. The future of live ESPN MMA events depends on you."