Dana White, colorful boss of the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts empire, knows which consoles in his home are for his kids — and which he can hold his own in.

The self-confessed old-school gamer recently told Kotaku that his kids destroy him at PlayStation and Xbox 360.


There's only one system on which he can hold his own.

"I play the Wii with my kids," he said. "I'm not a big video game guy but I don't see the Wii as some big, serious video game thing. ... I hear you can work out with it and it's kind of fun. Me and my kids play on it. We play tennis together. We play golf where you hit the golfballs out of the thing. It's fun to play with your kids. And, actually, I can play the Wii with my kids. I can't play PlayStation. They kill me. .. But the Wii, I can play with the Wii. Sounds like it's for the kids, but it's for the grown-ups."

The game series White backs, the THQ-published UFC Undisputed isn't coming to the Wii. And that means that he isn't eager to challenge his kids in this spring's UFC Undisputed 2010 on the PS3 or 360.

"My kids will kill me," he said, imagining the prospect of UFC PS3/360 gaming against his young ones. "My kids kill me on every game there is"


Some may quibble with what White defines as a "serious video game thing," but, hey, the man seems to have his fun on his Nintendo. Can't knock that.

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