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Ubisoft Want To Make...A JRPG?

Illustration for article titled Ubisoft Want To Make...A JRPG?

While some Western companies are down on the future prospects of the Japanese role-playing game, others - like Ubisoft - can't wait to get a piece of the action.


Speaking with Famitsu, Ubisoft's Alain Corre has revealed that as part of the company's push into the Japanese market, they'd one day like to release a JRPG.


"We have never made any RPGs, a genre Japanese people love," he told the magazine. "We've made shooters, strategy, sports, action, and adventure games, but not any RPGs yet. Still, we're open to all possibilities. If we can get a quality team of RPG-oriented developers, I'd love to release one. If we have a chance to work with Japanese creators, then I'm sure we can make a game that appeals to the Japanese audience."

Sounds ridiculous, but then...imagine some of Ubisoft's franchises turned into RPGs. And I'm not talking Splinter Cell. I'm thinking more...Beyond Good & Evil.

Ubisoft Hints at Japan Marketplace Push [Famitsu, via 1UP]

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bobtheduck in Korea

Does Enchanted Arms not count as a JRPG, or does it not count as being made by Ubisoft?