Ubisoft Snatches Up Armored Core 5

Publisher Ubisoft may be taking a chance on another Japanese niche title, as its future publishing schedule lists the terribly named Armored Core: for Answer for a release this year. As part of its second financial quarter, which runs July to September, Ubi plans to bring the sequel to Armored Core 4 — published outside of Japan by Sega — to Western markets. Armored Core: for Answer has been available to Japanese gamers since March, but we've heard little about its chances domestically since then. We've also heard little in the way of rabid interest. Don't worry, Ubi fans. They'll still be releasing six titles under the Imagine brand and two under the Petz brand during the same time frame. This giant robot sim won't upset the balance of its line up by a noticeable degree. Armored Core: For Answer Nabbed By Ubisoft, Ships This Fall [GameCyte via SiliconEra]


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