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Ubisoft Says No Thank You To No More Heroes PS3, 360

Illustration for article titled Ubisoft Says No Thank You To No More Heroes PS3, 360

The recently announced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of Wii game No More Heroes is now on the hunt for a new North American publisher. Ubisoft says it's passing.


In a statement to G4, the French publisher said that unlike the original Wii game and its sequel No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise shan't carry the Ubisoft logo on these shores. No reason given, apparently, but here's to hoping Grasshopper Manufacture can find a friend for those of use interested in experiencing "Very Sweet Mode" stateside.

Ubisoft Not Publishing No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise (Aka No More Heroes HD) [G4's The Feed]

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Ubisoft saved themselves from a money sink. It looks like this will take a lot of work to localize and the PS3, as well as the 360 aren't really known for violent, adult games as the player base just isn't there.