2003's Sands of Time holds a special place in Prince of Persia fan's hearts, its cheery tone and beautiful colours a pleasant break from the series' usual browns and greys. Six years later, Ubisoft has gone and messed with this.

How? By changing the game's box art. Up top there is the original cover art used by the game, as it appeared on everything from the PS2 to the PC. It's not the prettiest, we'll admit, but there is blue and yellow on there, and the Prince looks like a Prince of Persia, not an extra on a Judas Priest video.


Now, seven years later, Ubisoft has changed the box art for the PS2's Greatest Hits version of the game, replacing it with art from the new Prince of Persia game, Forgotten Sands. All that's different is the small subtitle underneath the logo. Stupid, and confusing. Reader Peffse nearly fell for it over the weekend, and it took a helpful store assistant to point out that the game he was about to buy was in fact a seven year-old platformer, and not a new title.

Ubisoft, we know there's a new movie to promote, but this isn't how you do it.

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