Ubisoft Reworking Splinter Cell Conviction? [Updated]

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According to the most recent Xbox World 360 magazine, Ubisoft has taken Splinter Cell Conviction "back to the drawing board." While Ubisoft has yet to comment, this could mean that the game won't be ready until 2010. The future! Conviction has been in development hell for a while now and its crowd stealth mechanic could have been rendered outdated by another Ubisoft title, Assassin's Creed. Stay tuned for next week's UbiDays where Ubisoft will or won't announce something about the game.

Back To The Drawing Board [CVG] [Pic]


Update: Ubisoft says, "There is no official comment on this story, which is based on a purely speculative news piece."

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@RichardChaos: Really Really Poor, Since you could've just turned on the lights in the first 3 games, as fun as they were, they weren't really adding on to the idea.

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