Ubisoft just a game maker? Hilarious! The company's CEO Yves Guillemot wants to transform Ubisoft into a multimedia juggernaut. From books to a TV series, Ubisoft is moving every which way. About the CGI movie production studio Ubisoft founded, Guillemot says:

Our goal is to create a studio that will be very high quality, our goal is to try to get to the level of quality of Peter Jackson's Weta studio. We have been working to train people, to recruit highly talented people and we are in test mode at the moment. We are going to make sure that we get to the level of Weta. We have a long way to go but in getting to that level will help us to actually be one of the studios where everybody has to go.

We don't need to be always making the movie but what we have to do is make sure that what's necessary for our games is done close to us so we can reuse assets. Or we can have a specific relationship with a director who is going to do 3D imaging in such a way that we can also use them in our games. That is how we will improve the quality of our games, by giving our consumers a lot more than what we can give them today.

And hey, as movies use more and more CG and the level of game CG improves, stuff like this really makes sense.

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