Ubisoft Promises 2013 Watch Dogs Release, Remains Cagey About Platform

We're still guessing about whether Ubisoft's highly impressive Watch Dogs is in fact one of a few of E3's stealth-reveals of the next generation of gaming.


What we saw sure seemed too intricate and advanced to run on current gaming consoles. But Ubisoft has remained cagey about when and on what platforms the game will be released.

On the 5th, however, the official Watch Dogs twitter feed tweeted the following:

So, "consoles," eh? That's as cagey as Face/Off, is what that is. That's Cagier than Leaving Las Vegas.

It is highly unlikely that any next-gen consoles will be out in 2013, of course. Then again, the game could be released for PC and then later on whatever the next Xbox and PS3 are. Or, a watered-down version could be released for current ports. Or, or, or...


In other words, other than that 2013 bit, we don't really know anything new. But hey, that's something.

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