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Ubisoft Massive has gone into greater detail about the crafting and loot changes coming in The Division’s big 1.1 update. They say the increase in High-End crafting costs will work hand in hand with increased High-End drop rates to change the way we acquire HE gear. Sounds okay in theory, but it remains to be seen how it’ll play out in the game.


Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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Before people start going all “Thank Massive for the guaranteed high-end drops,” they should know that this was only implemented as a reaction to the outrage when people found out that crafting was going to be significantly nerfed in the April 12th update.

I still like The Division and will give Massive a pass on this one, despite their claims that the guaranteed high-end drops were in the plans all along (if that was really true, they would’ve highlighted it in their lengthy patch update back on Tuesday instead of announcing this after people started screaming). I am not being a hater. But people need to understand the context, that this was only done to placate the players for them nerfing the whole crafting mechanic.

That said, I still play The Division daily and look forward to the Incursion on Tuesday.