Ubisoft Expects Consoles "Probably" By 2011 - 2012

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Never mind that Sony is touting a ten year PS3 life cycle, Microsoft says it doesn't see a new Xbox anytime soon and the Wii is still hard to find. Don't tell Ubisoft!

The company expects new consoles in probably 2~3 years.

What's more, the French publisher is gearing up for these new consoles by increasing its headcount. This comes as hardware makers Sony and Microsoft are decreasing their headcounts.


"We want to take advantage of a company that could bring more technology to us, or new brands," said CEO Yves Guillemot. So we have now enough to help us to grow the company for not only next year but to get ready for the coming of the next generation consoles that are probably going to happen 2011, 2012... We have to be ready for that, we are already hiring people and buying some technology and looking at some brands as well."

Ubisoft is acquiring a new sports property, and plans to invest more in the sports category in the wake of the success of new IP Shaun White's Snowboarding.

Success or not, hiring in this economic climate doesn't exactly seem prudent. But maybe Ubisoft believes that glass of game industry milk is half-full. Drink up, Yves Guillemot!

Ubisoft ramping up for new generation of consoles in 2012 [GamesIndustry via Eurogamer] [Pic]

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No fucking way we get new consoles in three years. I'll gladly eat my words if the economy magically rallies to Clintonesque proportions here in America, but at this point it's about paring back frivolities and just doing what's necessary to get by, pay the rent/mortgage and food on the table.

Once it gets better, folks will still be in saving mode, trying to replenish whatever dips into the nest egg they had to make during lean times. Early adopters will be there, they always are for console launches, but getting the average consumer to drop $500+ for the new system and its obligatory extraneous purchases is going to be a hard sell. After Sony's continuing difficulties moving PS3s en masse, I'm sure those in the industry are all too aware of this.