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U.S. Senator: Video Games Gave Sandy Hook Shooter 'A False Sense Of Courage'

Let the scapegoating continue.

Adam Lanza, the person who shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut last month, reportedly played Call of Duty, among other games. So for quite a while now, pundits and politicians have been drawing links between his heinous actions and the video games he played.


Most recently we have Senator Chris Murphy, a newly-elected Democrat in CT, who spoke yesterday during a press conference to introduce a bill on assault weapons.

"I think there's a question as to whether he would've even driven in his mother's car in the first place if he didn't have access to a weapon that he saw in video games that gave him a false sense of courage about what he could do that day," the senator said.


This is probably a good time to remind the world that there is no scientific evidence linking violent video games and violent behavior.

Dem Senator: Video games gave Sandy Hook shooter a ‘false sense of courage' [Washington Examiner]

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The only thing that gave the shooter 'a false sense of courage' is being able to carry a gun.

My partner is a 20 year veteran of the NYPD, and he is adamant in the fact that people who own guns seem to think that they are invincible, and can do as they please without repercussion. It also doesn't help that the shooter was a white male, who [as a group] already have an entitlement complex as it is. People need to stop blaming the media and start blaming society.