I am not allowed near anything even vaguely resembling a trivia question at this point. Having received rigorous Trivial Pursuit training by my parents as a young boy, I've been condition to answer inane questions above any other priority. Case in point, the U,S, version of Sony's MyBuzz website for the PS3 game Buzz! Quiz TV is now live, allowing players to create their own puzzles that can be shared with friends, rated by the community, and ultimately played within the game once it's released later this month. As of this writing there are only four quizzes on the site, and despite being a bit behind in my work today I played them all. So this marks my first and last visit to MyBuzz, but don't let that stop you from heading over there, signing in with your PSN ID and getting a head start on the user-created quiz train. I'll just try to forget it exists until the pressure breaks me and I go on a three-day Mountain Dew-fueled multiple choice bender. MyBuzz! [Official Website]