U.S. Army Now In on Zombie Invasion of Best Buy

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Best Buy's zombie-packed Resident Evil 5 launch event will be getting some help from the U.S. Army which will be on hand with M16's for a "staged event", we're told.


Earlier this week we reported that the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Best Buy would be holding a special Resident Evil 5 premiere event for the launch of the game, filling their store with zombies and bringing customers through a make-shift haunted house.

News of the event has brought a bit more attention to the store and, it sounds like, given them a bit more capital to play with for the event.

Now, I'm told, the store will be hiring student actors to play the roll of doctors and scientists and instead of just a few ambling zombies there will be staged events both inside and outside the store.

Among the events planned is some sort of major encounter involving members of the U.S. Army complete with M16s firing blanks. Another event involves live chainsaws and sprayed blood.

Inside the store, quarantined areas will be packed with zombies. The tours will end, I'm told, with some sort of big scare.

Drake Cambell, who helped come up with the event, said he went to the local recruiting station to borrow fatigues for some actors.


"I asked for fatigues and they said why don't we just show up," he said. "So we upped the ante."



Oh God. This is going to turn out horribly wrong. They say blanks, but there will be one guy that didn't show up to the safety meeting and grabs the wrong clip and end up shooting grandma. Or someone will not listen to the Best Buy guy that says "Be careful, those chainsaws are REAL," and they end up not being able to grip their controller anymore cuz they're missing their pinkie. Other than that, I think it'll be an excellence event for the game.

(All this is purely speculation and I'm sure the store will take every precautionary measure to make sure no one gets hurt, but Murphy's Law states what can go wrong, will.")