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Tying Together Dead Space Extraction's Story

How does a development team create a whole new story for a prequel like Dead Space Extraction for the Wii while maintaining ties to established fiction? If only there was some sort of video explanation...

Ooo, convenient. Running parallel to the events in the Dead Space comic book series and the animated feature, Dead Space Extraction takes a storytelling route as different as its on-rails shooter gameplay is from the original release. The game follows a group of individuals rather than just one man, telling the story of the events that led up to Dead Space proper through their eyes. It seems like the team is crafting a game that is a must-have for multi-platform owning fans who want the full Dead Space story.


I bet you anything the ending isn't happy.

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So pretty much Dead Space the DVD movie/ Comic Book - The Game.

Not saying that's a bad thing.

But I guess that's why it's called Dead Space Extraction and not Dead Space 2