To: Ash
From: Crecente

Yesterday I ran out mid-morning to pick up a coffee and some allergy medicine. Somehow in the process of buying coffee I ended up with two volumes of The Super Mario Bros Super Show in my hand. I'm not quite sure how it even happened. One second I was milling about waiting for a hazelnut breve, the next, bam, bad 80s Mario cartoons. At least they were $12 for two.

So I'm checking out with my bundle of stuff and when I go to scan the two DVDs and alert comes up telling the cashier that she has to ID me... for Super Mario Bros cartoons. I make a joke about how they must now be IDing for horrible animation and bad acting, but she continued to give me the stink eye as she checked my ID and glared at what I suspect she thought was kiddie porn. Good times!


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