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​Two Years Later, I've Found A Diablo III Class That I Really Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's not that I have anything against monks, per se. They seem like cool enough people. And my Diablo III monk, Shan, was a cool dude. He just wasn't a demon hunter, you know?

Shan fought his way to the final boss of Diablo III, won the day, got some kind of cool unique staff or something, and started the game again on a harder difficulty. All the while, I'd been curious about the other classes in the game, but given that I only had so many hours to dedicate to clicking on monsters, I had made new characters in most of the other classes but I hadn't really explored them.

That changed when I decided, about a month ago, to start really playing as my demon hunter, Aielah. It was during one of those "50% bonus XP" weekends, and shortly after firing her up, I found that I didn't really need to be playing on normal difficulty. I kicked it up to hard, and oh, how the experience points rolled in.


By the time I got to the Skeleton King I had unlocked a ton of abilities, and had also realized: The demon hunter is a really, really fun class to play. To the point where I was realizing that when it comes down to it, I didn't actually really like playing as a monk all that much. (As you may or may not remember, I never was too sure what class to begin with.)

I play Diablo III solo almost exclusively; I find that playing with other people turns the game sort of overly mechanical, like we're racing through each room, dispassionately picking up loot, and racing on to the next room. The single player game already feels that way too often, and I don't need it exacerbated by the presence of others.


Since picking Diablo III back up I've found that the demon hunter is a really fun solo class. Whereas Shan flies forward into combat and does as much up-close damage as possible, Aielah is much more tactical. I've got her vault ability keyed to my third mouse button, so I can send her cartwheeling around the battlefield at a moment's notice, stunning and knocking back enemies in her way. (I was always annoyed by my monk's comparative inability to deal with fast-moving ranged attackers.) Her fan of knives ability is never not fun (you could say she's a… fan of knives), and while most of her time is spent machine-gunning enemies from a distance, she can combine her vault and fan of blades and turn herself into a precision smart-bomb.

Boss fights, too, are much more tactical—I have to keep my distance and worry much more about positioning, which… well, for lack of a better way to put this, makes Diablo III feel more like a game than a click-fest.


This past weekend I dove back in for a while, mostly to try out the new Reaper of Souls content. (I still haven't played the new chapter, though I imagine I will as a demon hunter at some point. I'm looking forward to Adventure Mode, though.) Out of curiosity, I started a character in the new crusader class. I like the class so far, but I quickly found myself feeling bored by the up-close combat, wishing I could be controlling Aielah with her quick jumps and extreme mobility. (The crusader doubtless gets more fun as you level her up; I'm sure I'll chip away at her campaign over the months to come.)

So. It's a demon hunter's life for me. I'm sure a lot of you have done something similar; completed the game as one class and switched to another, only to find that you like it better. So, I turn it over to you: Two years after Diablo III came out, what's your favorite class, and why? Bonus points if you include a screenshot of your hero.