Horror game P.T. was released in August 2014, and canceled months afterwards. Fans kept digging for secrets a year later, but by 2016, most of us would assume we’ve found everything. Well, not quite.

Over at the Xentax forums, user luxox18 posted a datamine of P.T. that was completed just a few days ago, revealing models and enemies that we never see in the game:

Image via Face Punch. Unclear what this was supposed to be, and there are other inexplicable models within the files as well.
Image via Face Punch - here’s the infamous hallway. Doesn’t look as menacing when it’s a model, huh?

The best part of this discovery, however, is that players were able to port the models contained within P.T.—meaning, players can now use the in-game Norman Reedus and Lisa however they see fit. Lakitouille in particular took the Lisa model and put it into Metal Gear Solid V’s Quiet, as well as replaced Big Boss with Reedus, resulting in this incredible rain scene:

I could barely breathe watching this. EVEN THE FETUS MAKES AN APPEARANCE. OH MY GOD.


And with this, P.T. likely gives us its final hurrah. Thanks for everything, you horrifying buddy.

You can check out more images of models contained within P.T. here.

(Via neoGAF)

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