To: Totilo
From: Bash
RE: Obama And The Billboard

It's not Obama driving by, but it's been about two weeks since Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash went to the US to visit my parents, leaving me in Osaka with Micro-Bash.

I was kinda worried at first, seeing as how I'd be responsible for the kid, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the plants and, oh yeah, working. But it's been going very smoothly. After breakfast, I play with Micro in the the morning, feed him lunch. He konks out when work starts and when he wakes up, I give him his snack and then he watches kiddy programs on NHK. After that, dinner! Then he goes to bed.


He usually wakes up at 5am. Which really, really sucks, though.

But yeah! The plants are still alive and we've been eating vegetables. That being said, I miss Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash and am eagerly awaiting their return on Tuesday.

One of my favorite things about coming back home after, say, going to E3 or wherever, is that Mrs. Bashcraft usually makes a cool addition to the house. You know, like a new lamp or a new picture frame. Nothing huge, but just a nice accent. I'd kinda like to do the same. Any suggestions?

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Douglas J. Fresh

Build her a cake or something.