EA Sports managed to goad Madden NFL pitchmen Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson into making one incredibly ridiculous bet when their teams meet next week: The loser will shave off an eyebrow. Not in the game, either, in real life.

In fact, some unibrow options notwithstanding, players can't be given a single eyebrow in Madden NFL 25. Faces are not editable at the eyebrow level. That doesn't necessarily mean there can't be some in-game consequence of this bet in the roster update following the game.

Donny Moore, the game's "ratings czar" mused that the loser might get a +1 boost to his Toughness attribute after the game. "Anyone man enough to shave an eyebrow makes you a tough dude in my book," Moore told Kotaku. I think he was joking. Think. Madden has made incremental, largely cosmetic changes in ratings as a nod to weird goings-on before.

Either way, the half-Gephardt that Kaepernick or Wilson will end up sporting will be the NFL's boldest look since barefoot kicking. We'll keep our eyes peeled in the days after the game to make sure the loser lives up to his end of the bargain.

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