Quite the feat, considering Diablo III's Season 1, where everyone started with fresh characters, only launched at the end of August on PC. But still, two guys already managed to climb to the top and get every single one of the achievements. 7880 points in total.

One of them is Mikeh on the US side of Battle.net, currently on Paragon level 515, maining a Demon Hunter. The other one is called Bunkka and he's on the EU side, also playing with a Demon Hunter on Hardcore.


They both completed this in the early days of October, and man, grinding some of these must have been painful. Especially the ones where you need to kill 5,000,000 monsters in Nephalem Rifts, or the one with 10k bounties done. Or those level 60 crafting ones. I thought those were nearly impossible now that the cap is level 70.

There's no word when Season 2 will start, but seems like it's time.

via r/diablo

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