Two More Natal Games Revealed, At Least Twelve More To Come

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Ahead of next week's E3 in Los Angeles, two new titles for Microsoft's motion-control peripheral, Project Natal, have been revealed.


Those hoping for a wave-your-arms version of Halo or Fable are out of luck, though, as the two games are simple party titles (ie glorifed tech demos), similar to the kind we've seen for the system so far.

One is Living Statue, which according to a piece on the LA Times "lets players record their avatars dancing and singing karaoke-style, then e-mail the video masterpiece to their friends".


The second is Obstacle Course, in which "players pull, dodge and jump their way through a series of levels resembling what you would find at summer camp, sans the mosquitoes."

Of more interest to those hanging out for proper games is the final line of the report, which says "there will be about a dozen more Natal-licensed titles from other game developers unveiled Monday and Tuesday". A dozen games from companies that aren't Microsoft? Add those to the titles Microsoft itself will have ready and that's quite a launch lineup. Hopefully not all of them involve jumping around like a maniac.

Microsoft previews controller-free games for Xbox 360 [LA Times]

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I'll ask this seriously, so I hope I can have serious answers and not a flamewar: is there anyone really excited about Natal or looking forward to it?

I sincerely find it completely uninteresting and unappealing. I still don't get how I can have more fun with this than with the old Eye Toy (which I found just OK as a Novelty and for a few minutes), even if the technology is much more precise.

So, if anyone is really excited about Natal, please enlighten me with some of your reasons, games or applications you're looking forward to.