Playing Project Natal Sure Is Embarrassing

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Nobody looks good playing Project Natal. Nobody.

Microsoft's upcoming motion controlled Project Natal is controller-free. When the system was first showed at last year's E3, it was assumed that Project Natal will involve flailing.


It will, and it does.

Lots and lots of flailing. People do not look good flailing. And thus, people do not look good playing Project Natal. You will not look good playing Project Natal.


And...that's okay! Nobody looks cool playing regular video games. Have you ever seen what people look like watching TV?

Pretty sure the only technology that people look cool using is a computer — especially when they are writing. Furiously. (Like I am right now!)

But, hey, a room full of friends and a buncha beers, Project Natal's gobber aspect is no biggie. It's no more embarrassing that, say, playing plastic instruments! Though, word to the wise: Do not film your significant other or your children playing Project Natal and then upload said footage on the internet. What happens in the living room, stays in the living room.

まるで酔っぱらいの踊りのようだ…Xbox360『プロジェクト・ナタル』のプレイ動画が恥ずかしすぎると話題に [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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I think saying that NOBODY looks good playing that thing is a bit much. I'm waiting for the internets to provide videos of scantily clad ladies playing that thing.

I wonder when "Virtual [Pole]dancer" or "Dance Professional" comes out for Natal. There could be a huge boom in amazing 3rd party Japanese semi-erotic titles.