So Bash ducked back in to give you the first Gears of War 2 gameplay footage from 1Up/ last night (apparently there was some international video-leaking and embargo-breaking intrigue; we had no part in it). This morning we'll update you with GameVideos' overnight post of two more videos: A CliffyB-free gameplay version (above). And an analysis (after the jump) of the first video, pointing out and freezing cool details that might have got lost in the action. They also analyze Cliffy, but not too closely.

"Gears of War 2" is due for release in November on Xbox 360 only.

Wow. "You can now pick up enemies when they're downed and use them as a meat shield." But can you upgrade your meat shields?


Gears of War 2: "Assault Gameplay" and "Assault Analysis" []

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