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Two Million People Signed Up to Test a Call of Duty Community Feature

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The beta test for Call of Duty Elite kicks off tomorrow, with invitations to be sent out to those selected for the the first run. Does that mean you?

Maybe. Depends if you signed up to test something that's not even a game!


The first emails for successful applicants (of which there were around two million) go out today, July 14, and will go out across the world and at varying times. So you could get one over a breakfast of fried things and joe, you could get one over an afternoon tea of Darjeeling and scones.

The remaining invites will be sent out over the next month or so to Call of Duty: Black Ops players who signed up for the beta.


More specific info can be found on the beta test at the link below.

Call of Duty Elite beta logistics FAQ [OoS]