Two iPads And An iPhone Gets You This Racing Game

Pad Racer is a racing game for the iPad that lets you control your car with an iPhone. It's now a lot bigger.


You can now combine two iPads and make one large track. A neat trick, but it could really be made better as a "LEGO" style system, where 4-8 people can get together, slap their iPads down on a table and build a monster track out of it.

They'd probably need a better fix for what happens when your car hits the bezel, though, because it's always disconcerting when you lose sight of your car for that space of time.

[via Gizmodo]


Is it within the bounds of the average reader here to stop likening this whole thing to a $1400 Micro Machines set? It's getting pretty repetitive, and it's also a pretty stupid thing to say. This is a feature that's being demonstrated for the iPad. I'll watch the video again to make sure, but I'm positive there was no part of that clip where suddenly, in huge, glaringly bold font, we were told this is the only use for the iPad.

All this iPad hate is coming off as pretty short sighted, because almost all I ever read in iPad related posts are how 'such and such' feature is pointless, and why would you pay $600 just to do 'such and such'. Does Kotaku have to spell it out for you? Do they have to put up a review of all of the iPad's functions so you guys don't get confused with these smaller tidbits and continuously forget the many previous articles describing the versatile use of the iPad, ending up with the conclusion post-article that you'll be paying an exorbitant amount of money for simply a Micro Machines set...