The Mew Glitch

This glitch feels like the more unbelievable of the two—but it's real. You can in fact catch Mew early—and then level it to 100. You can't do this glitch as early as the EXP underflow glitch, but still—if you pull it off, you can have a level 100 Mew. All you need is the move growl, lots of Pokeballs, and some patience—just because this glitch is possible doesn't mean it's easy!


Here's the tutorial by I_Kissed_Cereal—once again, click on each image at the bottom of the gallery, from left to right, to see each individual step.


And if you'd like to see the glitch in action, here's footage from MackLL:

Neat, right? Weird to think this was all possible when we first played the games, and that that knowledge did percolate across many playgrounds, but many of us didn't learn how to actually do it until adulthood. So it goes!


It's worth noting that I_Kissed_Cereal is currently writing a whole bunch of different tutorials to glitches you might not know about in early Pokémon games—if you'd like to see them all, check this out. And if you'd like to read about all the documented glitches for all the games, you should read up on Bulbapedia.

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