Twitter, Facebook On 360 Might Be For Gold Subscribers Only [Update]

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Buried at the foot of the press release announcing Microsoft's 360 price cuts this morning was this little nugget: "Xbox Live Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available".

Seems a strange move, what with both Facebook and Twitter being 100% free on both PCs and phones. In defence, a Microsoft spokesperson told MCV the info was "incorrect", and that Microsoft "is still formulating its plans" regarding the availability of the services.

Since when is incorrect info outlined so specifically in an official press release? Mark us down as "quietly concerned".


Xbox 360 Twitter claims ‘incorrect' [MCV]

UPDATE: We were right to be concerned! Microsoft's plans have already been "formulated", and involve...locking Silver members out of services that everywhere else on earth are free.

Facebook and Twitter on Xbox LIVE will be free to Gold members, with a free trial period also available for Silver members. Facebook and Twitter on Xbox LIVE will offer a truly one-of-a-kind social experience, completely optimized for the TV and seamlessly integrated onto your console. Add to that exclusive access to, Netflix instant streaming, demos, trailers and discounts, plus the best multiplayer gaming network on the planet, and we're confident Xbox LIVE Gold memberships is hands-down the best value in home entertainment. We're committed to adding new features and value for our Gold members, and will continue to do so.

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I don't see an issue with this. It's not like MS is somehow hacking into your computer and banning you from using Twitter and Facebook elsewhere, they're just saying that using it on your console is a perk of Gold membership. That seems totally fine to me....its about time Gold members got more perks!

I'm sick of folks complaining about Live costing money. First off, it costs a pittance. Second, its a good service. I've played online with Wii, PCs, and PSN, and I like the Live experience far better than any of them. The value of the entertainment I've gotten from Live is certainly worth the roughly one dollar a week (actually, less than that when I buy 13 month cards) it costs me.

If Live cost 19.99 a month or something, then yeah, I'd be right there with the complainers. But right now I see Live as being the best online console experience, and it asks for a token payment to keep that quality going. I'm cool with that.