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Twitch Streamer Beats Every Classic Resident Evil Game Without Taking A Single Hit

The “God Run” required MattDaRoc to beat four different RE games a total of ten times

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Claire Redfield stands at the ready in a snowy facility, while a bar on the left side of the screen shows the streamer's progress through the sequence of games.
Screenshot: MattDaRoc (YouTube) / Kotaku

Resident Evil games have never been known for their kindness, which makes beating four of the series classic games in a row (in all their myriad configurations and routes) without taking a single hit all the more impressive—and that’s exactly what streamer MattDaRoc did.

MattDaRoc has completed what’s known as a “God Run,” which requires a player to beat multiple games in sequence without taking any damage. Getting hit in Resident Evil 2’s Claire-B run means starting the sequence over from scratch in the game before it—tossing hours of playtime down the drain. These runs are tremendous tests of skill, made extremely tedious by their high stakes.


“No-Hit” runs of games are, unsurprisingly, notoriously difficult. It’s one thing to avoid death, it is another entirely to avoid any minor damage ticks one may encounter—as anyone who’s tried for a perfect ranking in a character action game like Bayonetta can attest. This is made all the more difficult when a game’s damage avoidance tools (like blocks, dodges with invincibility frames, and parries) are decidedly limited, which is the case for classic Resident Evil games.

MattDaRoc’s winding route through the series begins with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, before moving on to four bespoke playthroughs of Resident Evil, four playthroughs of Resident Evil 2, and a final run through of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, for a total of 15 hours of game time. Each play through takes about an hour and a half, with Code Veronica being the longest at around two and a half hours.


At a certain level of difficulty, God Runs become as much about luck as they are about skill. Getting a perfect run of ten games in a row is a feat unto itself, but unexpected or cheap hits can totally derail an otherwise flawless playthrough—especially when chained together like this. This is part of what makes this God Run so impressive, not only does MattDaRoc play these games with a rehearsed, surgical precision, he does so with an infectious amount of chill. Other God Runs I’ve seen have been intense, sweaty, and desperate—but he approaches a horror game series with absolute calm. Even if he did get hit in this 15 hour series of runs, I’m all but certain he would just vibe his way back to the beginning.

MattDaRoc is no stranger to No-Hit runs either—if you go to his YouTube channel you’ll see dozens of increasingly impressive playthroughs of various Resident Evil games ranging from the classics to their recent remakes. His dedication to the series is legitimately astounding—and his S-Rank, Inferno Difficulty Resident Evil 3 Remake playthrough is a sight to behold.