Twitch Stream Follows Five GTA V NPCs Wherever They Go, No Matter What They Do

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Artist Brent Watanabe debuts the San Andreas Community Cam today, a Twitch stream that follows the lives of five Grand Theft Auto V NPCs. Watch as they traverse GTA V’s Los Santos, accompanied by the sounds of crying.


The San Andreas Community Cam follows five NPCs as they go about their day. In the words of Watanabe, “The citizens are ‘playing themselves’, with all activity unscripted.” At the moment they’re mostly walking into walls and staring ponderously at vacant lots. What’s most interesting is that they’re all soundtracked by recordings of people crying, sometimes very loudly. I think I’m really freaking out my roommates right now. Take a look below.

But why the crying? It just so happens that today is the Inauguration of the 45th United States President, Donald Trump. Also, all donations made to the San Andreas Community Cam will go directly to Planned Parenthood.


Last year, Watanabe streamed an autonomous wandering deer in GTA V, which memorably got chased by the cops and wandered into a gang turf war. Here’s hoping these Los Santos citizens fare a little better on this perfectly normal day. You can check out the stream on Twitch or on the San Andreas Community Cam website.

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