Twitch Still Doesn't Want You To Stream Erotic Games

Rinse and Repeat, the latest from provocative designer Robert Yang, was recently banned from being streamed on Twitch. There are only 14 games on Twitch’s list so far, and Yang’s made two of them.

Yang’s game, which Kotaku wrote about last weekend, is about showering with other men. It’s meant to be erotic and, for many players, slightly uncomfortable. And while the men are nude, the dicks are pixelated.


Nonetheless, Twitch felt it wasn’t appropriate for their service, and declared users were not allowed to stream themselves playing it. Rinse and Repeat joins Cobra Club, Yang’s dick pic simulator from earlier this year.


Here are the other games in Twitch’s ban pile:

  • Battle Rape
  • Cobra Club
  • Criminal Girls
  • Dramatical Murder
  • Grezzo 1 & 2
  • HuniePop
  • RapeLay
  • Sakura Spirit
  • Sakura Fantasy
  • Sakura Swim Club
  • Second Life
  • The Guy Game

Notice a pattern? It’s generally sex and nudity, but it’s worth pointing out that some of the games, such as RapeLay, explicitly focus on sexual assault.


The Adults Only versions of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy and Manhunt 2 are also banned, though players with access to the M-rated versions can stream them. Hatred, however, is outright banned.

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Yannick LeJacq

“There are only 14 games on Twitch’s list so far, and Yang’s made two of them.”

If I was Yang, I’d put that shit on the top of my resume/business cards.