Image: Forkgirl

Twitch has reinstated body painting streamer Forkgirl’s account after indefinitely suspending it last week for nudity. In an email to Forkgirl, the company explained that, by its standards, she had not adequately covered her chest, but acknowledged that the rules may not have been entirely clear. Read more in my updated story.

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Remember folks: if you commit a sex crime (surreptitious photography, by definition) by filming people in the bathroom without their knowledge ahead of time, or without their consent during (as was clearly evidenced by the event in question!), you’re gonna be banned for a week. But you WILL get to come back with a bunch of fanfare and production values increased.

But, if you ever, EVER show as much skin as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, you will be struck down with a wrathful hand.

To all the incels that report her because you think it’s funny, or that women should be punished for having sexual (biologically speaking) characteristics that you are unable to divorce from your own stunted and frustrated sexuality, you’re a piece of shit. Outright. You’re a bad person with no moral high ground, ethics, or humanity. I don’t say that as an insult, I say that as an outright statement of fact. You’re a shitty person.

And if you’re a parent who doesn’t want their kid to see this material? Police them better. It’s been brought up in court cases for decades, and it always falls on personal responsibility.

She is not shoving her naked chest in your face. But you are going into her clearly advertised and warned location to harass.

And, on a side note (because this isn’t the primary issue at hand), enjoy further making gamers look like unstable, misogynistic, vile trash, you incel fucks.