Twitch has introduced the ability for users to have two-factor authentication on their accounts. It’s not required, but given the frequency at which online databases are compromised, I’d recommend everyone does this ASAP. It’s still wild that Sony hasn’t added two-factor authentication to PSN! One day, I guess.


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

It’s because no one this gen has kicked down the door of PSN like they did last gen. Believe me, Sony likely spent a shitload of money making sure that doesn’t happen again like it did last gen.

What I’m more curious about is if we’ll see Live and PSN hit again on the hoildays by script-kiddies, given that the ones who went to court got off amazingly light from reports. Last year, Live shook off the attack a lot better then PSN did, by all reports, which makes sense because it’s Microsoft after all. With Sony now having hopped on that sweet sweet fee bandwagon, people are going to have meltdowns that will hit mainstream media in record time this year if Sony hasn’t stepped up their game.