Twisted Metal Will Require an Online Pass After All

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The creator of venerable car-combat series Twisted Metal had hoped that the game's upcoming PlayStation 3 reawakening would not be subjected to an "Online Pass," that single-use code unlocking online multiplayer access to the game. David Jaffe admitted it wasn't his decision though, and Sony proved him right. Twisted Metal will indeed know the code.


The Gamers Hub, getting a look at the game, confirmed with a QA lead that Twisted Metal needs an Online Pass. That means all used copies, unless you're lucky and whoever had the one you bought didn't redeem the code, will have to fork over an additional $10 through PlayStation Network if they want to get online.


In December, Jaffe had argued that the game's heavy multiplayer focus makes it important that gamers face as few barriers to getting online as possible. Evidently, Sony had other priorities.

Twisted Metal to Include PSN Pass [The Gamers Hub via Joystiq. h/t Commenter]

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