Twisted Metal Creator Reveals the Tentative Cover Art, and has a Special Message for Racists

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While not officially saying this is official, Twisted Metal creator of David Jaffe acknowledges that the game's cover art is up on GameStop's web site and, hell, "I figured I'd share a bigger version of it with you guys."


He included another five shots of the box's reverse, so none of this is official, but as none of the variants include a different front, I'd say that, yes, Sweet Tooth is your cover star for the game when it arrives on Valentine's Day in 2012.

That's the fun stuff. Now here's a special message from Jaffe himself regarding commenter reaction to a Hip-Hop Gamer salute to his game, and a couple of other creative decisions that Jaffe's studio, Eat Sleep Play, has made. The first decision was the studio's inclusion of two hip-hop tracks in the soundtrack. The second is the depiction of Mister Grimm as an outwardly black character. White racists have spewed in comments about both choices, and Jaffe's decided he's read and had enough.

The video is 7 minutes long, and it takes about six minutes to get to the point. But when it does, Jaffe's pretty clear. "Any fuckin' dollar I make, every copy that's sold, every person who writes me and says 'Yes, I'm a racist, I bought your game,' let me know, I want to donate that money to charity. There's no fuckin' way I want to make money, personally ... I do not want your fuckin' money. I would rather you take that money and spend it on a therapist.

"Because, how you're gonna get through the rest of your life with that mindset, and how limited you're going to be in your life with that mindset—I think the world would be a better place if you took that money and used least, partially, to get your head straight. Because you're fucked up."



Rap in a "metal" game?

Just do it right....."Judgment Night" style!