When some anime first appear on television, parts of the actual animation might not be quite up to snuff. Fans notice this and even complain. This was certainly true of Gonna be the Twin-tail!!

Last December on 2ch, Japan’s largest net forum, two images from the TV broadcast were pointed out as being especially clumsy and bad. “Terrible,” wrote one commenter. “This is like something I could do,” wrote another.

In particular, this image:

And this one:


But as Twitter user Arutosu note, the home release (see below) fixes these images to the point where some people online are saying this is like a completely different anime. I don’t agree with that, but the tweaked art does look better, especially for the character Erina Shindo.

Here, via Arutosu, is a comparison:

TV Version


DVD Version




As any anime fan will be quick to point out, this sort of thing isn’t new (examples here and here) and helps ensure diehard fans buy the DVDs and Blu-rays. I am glad stuff gets fixed for the home release, but it makes you wish animators had a little more time to get everything just so for the original broadcast. But with their gruelling schedules and paltry pay, that might not be possible.


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