Twelve Sexy Anime Characters Want to Date You

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Originally, Girl's RPG Cinderellife was going to be a 3DS version of the popular cell phone title Kyabajoppi. In Kyabajoppi you manage a host club that is frequented by many famous anime characters. And while, Cinderellife now has you living the life of a single hostess instead of managing the club, the anime characters still drop by. What's more, you can date them. So which of these handsome prospects would you try to woo?


Chiaki Shinichi

Chiaki Shinichi is the main love interest in Nodame Cantabile. Following his dream to be an orchestra conductor, he is a student at a prestigious music school. He is serious, arrogant, and driven to be the best.

Jo Yabuki

Jo (Joe) Yabuki from Tomorrow's Joe is a professional boxer. Raised on the streets as an orphan, he dedicates his life to boxing after his first stint in prison. He is rude and quick to anger but comes to care deeply for his friends over time.


Fun fact: The ending of the manga contains what is probably the single most famous panel of all time (though for the sake of spoilers, I won't post it here).


Yajima Kintaro

Yajima Kintaro from Salaryman Kintaro is the former leader of a Japanese biker gang. After his wife dies in childbirth he becomes a salaryman working in the sales department of a construction company. He is a man that always follows his principles and is never afraid to tell anyone exactly what he thinks.


Hayami Masumi

Hayami Masumi is the main love interest in Glass Mask. He is a coldhearted businessman on the outside, but a devout lover of the performing arts on the inside. He is known to make acts of grand generosity but tends to do so anonymously.


Mamoru Endo

Mamoru Endo is a soccer coach from Level-5's own wildly popular game and anime series Inazuma Eleven Go. As a child he was team captain and goalie of his junior high school soccer team. He is cheerful and selfless.


Yuto Kiddo

Yuto Kiddo, also from Inazuma Eleven Go, is a trainer for Endo's soccer team. He is a master soccer strategist and has a very driven personality.


Fukuzo Moguro

Fukuzo Moguro from The Laughing Salesman is a traveling salesman with a Cheshire Cat-like grin. Always cheerful, he is able to give you whatever your heart desires-and he'll do it for free. Just be wary of the repercussions.


Arsène Lupin III

Arsène Lupin III from Lupin III is the world's greatest thief. A clown and a womanizer, he steals as many hearts as treasures. He is loyal and kind, despite being a criminal, and often goes out of his way to help those in need.


Mine Fujiko

Mine Fujiko, also from Lupin III, is an incredibly beautiful thief and conartist. She can adopt any personality she wants and is not above seducing men to get what she is after. Moreover, she is the only woman you can romance in Cinderllife, proving that gender is no barrier to Fujiko's charms.


Kaiji Ito

Kaiji Ito from Kaiji is an unemployed man living in a slum in Tokyo. He is also a gambler. A terrible gambler, it turns out—unless his life is on the line. He is generally a good man, but has an insurmountable debt hanging above his head.


Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma from Baki the Grappler is the father of the main character and is considered the strongest fighter in the world. He has mastered every form of martial arts and enjoys fighting in wars with only his bare hands.


Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask is the main love interest in Sailor Moon. He is a superhero and the guardian of the earth. Smart, suave and handsome, Tuxedo Mask is always ready to pass on some helpful advice. And it should come as no surprise that he was a prince in a past life. All he needs is his princess. (Only ditzy young blonds need apply.)

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