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Last year, the Federal Trade Commission ran a nationwide undercover shopping sting, aimed at testing various retailers' compliance with age ratings for media products.


Kids aged 13-16, without the supervision of an adult, were asked to try and buy things like unrated DVDs, explicit albums and M-rated video games.

For all the crap that game retailers often get in this regard - and I know as a former EB Games employee I saw my fill of parents buying young kids inappropriate games - it turns out game store (and retailers) were among the best in the US at enforcing the ESRB's self-regulated ratings guidelines.


While 30% of kids were able to buy adult DVDs and movie tickets, and 47% could buy explicit CDs, only 13% of secret shoppers could buy M-rated video games, which the FTC says gives video game retail "the highest level of compliance among the industries."

FTC Undercover Shopper Survey on Entertainment Ratings Enforcement Finds Compliance Highest Among Video Game Sellers and Movie Theaters [FTC]

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