Sometimes strange things randomly show up here at Kotaku, and the latest is this red LED on a suction cup. So I stuck it to our TV and tried to see if it made me better at Battlefield. Early results point to no.

At first glance, the idea behind the Hip Shot Red Dot Sight seems to make sense. If there's something to mark the center of your screen, you can aim faster, kill more enemies, and finally find satisfaction in your life. Anyone who is familiar with suction cup-based children's toys will know the problem though. It never stays on the TV for very long.

On top of that, having a glowing red dot in the center of your screen is incredibly distracting. Especially while you're trying to pay attention to all of the information that gets thrown at you in the average FPS. I suppose this attachment could help some people, in certain games, if they're patient. But for the average gamer, there's no reason to stick anything on your TV screen.