Turns Out PC Gamers Really Want To Play Games With Sailing Ships

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Take a look at the Steam charts today and you’ll see right near the very top, above a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game, above even the terrific Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, is something called Naval Action.


We first saw this game last year and I got a little excited (because: sails), but it’s now out (sort of) and playable (kind of). While still very much in Early Access (and a $40 one to boot), I can see why it’s doing so well:

  • It’s catering to a niche! Loads of people are into the age of sail, but not many games go out and cater specifically to it. This is (and it looks pretty good to boot).
  • It’s an open world persistent multiplayer experience with combat and crafting. The developers are promising to have loads more stuff later, from building trade empires to running a nation’s military.
  • It’s got the most brutal navigation experience I’ve seen in a long time, in that it doesn’t really have one. In an effort to keep things realistic, the developers have left out an in-game map. Want to get around? Use the compass and look for landmarks, like your great-great-great grandpappy did.

So yeah, there’s promise here! As someone who has both ACIV: Black Flag and Sid Meier’s Pirates! in my “best games ever” pantheon, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Though I might have to wait until the UI gets a little slicker, because the menus right now are some of the most jank-ass I’ve ever seen in a game that’s actually charging real money.


Something Wong

Hopefully that’s a good sign that Rare’s upcoming new game, Sea of Thieves will sell pretty well. I’m honestly getting kind of sick of big triple AAA games being mostly sequels and remakes (applies to films as well).