Turns Out Max Payne is a Decent Piano Player. Who Knew?

One of my favorite things about Remedy's first two Max Payne games was their winking, self-aware style. That vibe was perhaps best encapsulated by the scene in which Max has a drug hallucination and realizes that he's the protagonist of a video game.

Rockstar's take on the character is much more gritty and dark, and often feels weighed down by over-seriousness. But occasionally, the game will toss a nod to the series' roots by making an absurd reference.

My favorite of these is the moment in the video above, when Max discovers a trashed, out-of-tune piano in a run-down building in Brazil. The piano could be a metaphor for Max—beat up, broken, but still playing that same old tune. I particularly love how the game's actual soundtrack (which is astonishingly good in its own right) plays a lead-in chord to the piano solo, with Max resolving the unresolved cadence.


And what does he choose to play? Why, what else but the classic theme from the original game.

"And, for a few seconds, came harmony. Finally."

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Um. In the first two Max Paynes, everything pretty much had a interaction, through out both of the games there were piano's to play, if you played them, they played the main theme. He always had been able to do it well :P

Minus the talking.

I wish more games put interactions in.... The first two were full of them, first one more so. For example, you pull the handle on a slot machine, it makes it's noise and you see the spin. If you then shoot it, you can pull the handle, but no sound or spin occur. They didn't have to code that, but they did.

Max Payne 2 had more tongue in cheek moments, from Dick Justice, to the Captain Baseball Bomb Suit, to Payne talking when he gets shot in the head saying "Your life flashes before your eyes and everything slows down" basically saying he survives the shot due to bullet time stopping the bullet from fully entering his brain. Just like Mona.

Plus, anybody notice the Pink Flamingo in both 1 and 2? Seeing as MP3 is set in South America, I sure hope to hear "Mirrors are more fun than television" popping up somewhere! I've not done MP3 cause it's only just been released, today, for PC. It's a disgrace.