Turning Stealth Video Games Into Stealth Board Games

Thibaud de la Touanne spent twenty years working in the video game business, most recently with Ubisoft Montreal. He's left that behind now, though, and is bringing that experience to board games.

He's designed a game called V-Commandos, a WW2 game which brings mechanics you're probably used to in something like X-Com (or, you know, Commandos) to the tabletop. You sneak around, hide in cover, steal uniforms and use silent takedowns, playing as a number of unique characters like spies, gunners and...dogs.


It looks cool! The terrain tiles and various missions and objectives means you can keep things fresh, while there's plenty of scope for expansions. The best part is that the game is co-op, and has adjustable lengths: you can play a single mission for 30 mins or link missions together to form an all-night campaign.

V-Commandos [Kickstarter]

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