Turn Your Xbox Avatar Into A Hero

Alright. Time to put that Xbox 360 avatar to work.

The Avatar Legends is an upcoming role-playing game by indie developers Barker's Crest. While not exactly rivalling Oblivion for scale and scope, it looks to be a breezy, cute little RPG, which boasts a ten-hour singleplayer game, co-op, multiplayer (for up to six people!) and a level/quest editor, from which you can create missions and share them with your friends.


What looks so promising about this game is that, unlike a sports or driving title, this will actually let you take control of your avatar and go on a proper adventure with them.

And while the included adventure looks to be fairly limited, that's beside the point. The real game will come when users get their hands on the level editor, which lets people mess with everything from story creation to quest structures to weather to enemy placement. You can even drop people from your friends list into the game as NPCs, and set up "horde-like" multiplayer arenas.

It's due out later this month on the Xbox Live Indie Channel. And if it takes off, the Avatar Marketplace is going to need more gauntlets.

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